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Sirigu and surrounds

Sirigu wall

Sirigu is a village in the Upper East Region (geographically in the far north) of Ghana. The women here paint their adobe home exteriors in bold, geometric and animal designs in reddish-brown, white and black.  We visited the Sirigu Women’s Association for Pottery and Art (SWOPA), where we learned about the crafts made in this area and saw an exhibit of works.   SWOPA has a guest house as well.  We didn’t get to stay there this time around.  Maybe next time.
sirigu woman

At the village market, this woman spotted Dan trying to stealthily take a photo. She was not pleased.

Sirigu market

The market was packed with people and busy with activity.  We saw some women with intricate, spider web-style facial scarring.  Alas, we have no pictures of them.
Sirigu family

The girl on the left approached us and asked us to take her picture. Her name is Lydia, and she would like to go to America. Her brother also asked us to take him with us.

goat bus

On our way out of Sirigu, we happened upon a bus with about 30 goats riding on top.

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