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Salta, Argentina

On the road from San Antonio de los Cobres to Salta, this is what you see:

Dan with cactus friends

What do you get when you cross Italy and France with Latin America?  Yup, you get an Argentina.  The food is fantastic, the hotels are stylish (no bare bulbs dangling from the center of the room on a wire; yes, we are easy to impress), and the people are warm.  Oh yes, and the roads are often paved and fully equipped with guardrails and traffic lights in town. Even the unpaved roads have road signs pointing you in the direction of the next town.  Go ahead and laugh, but we have both pulled out a lot of hair trying to figure out which fork goes mostly in the direction we want. It is very exciting trying to choose the right path when there is no sign and no person around for miles to ask.  Gosh dang, Argentina is a great country so far!

Salta's pink church

Salta’s cathedral is pink with white icing, whoops, I mean trim.

municipal building

Here’s Salta’s municipal building.

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4 Responses to “Salta, Argentina”

  1. Lonnie Bruner Says:

    I concur. Argentina was wonderful. But you have to make it to a polo match to get the full effect.

    Dan, too bad you’re not in Central America now. We’re headed for Belize in about 7 hours.


  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. Brad Says:

    Dan –

    We are doing the trip in reverse. South America back to the states. We will be in BA on Feb 27 for a few days and then head to Uruguay. If our paths cross, would you like to meet and share tales and tips?

    We are doing a blog on travelpod



  4. Posted from Argentina Argentina
  5. dorothy Says:

    LSB said she really likes an Argentinian veggie dish she called “cake.” It’s a big layered concoction of different vegetables, and they slice it like a cake?

  6. Posted from United States United States
  7. GattMaffney Says:

    I will be most upset if this blog does not soon feature pictures of Dan and Giselle doing the tango. It’s Argentina, after all, is it not? And Dan should be naked in the pictures. And drunk.

  8. Posted from United States United States
  9. admin Says:

    Hey Matt, yes, the Argentines tango 24 hours, 7 days a week, just like you would imagine. No wonder there was an economic crisis. Everybody has bloody lips from carrying around roses in their mouths- totally weird. Anyhow, I am working on getting myself drunk and naked for a tango photo; I am just a little shy y´know.

  10. Posted from Chile Chile
  11. admin Says:

    Hi Dorothy, we haven´t seen the cake dish, but we stopped in this town called Villa General Belgrano which our book claims was founded by interned sailors of a German ship, I would guess from around WW2. I suppose that would make them Nazis, even though the guidebook delicately overlooks that detail. In any case, those Nazis and their offspring sure make some darned fine black forest cake.

  12. Posted from Chile Chile