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Mail call

We’ve been in Accra for just about a month. Weeks before moving, we sent out change of address notices to our banks and other companies with whom we do business. However, till yesterday, we had not received a single piece of mail. What did we get yesterday, you ask? After a friend accompanied me to the mailroom, the mail guy looked around and found the package we mailed to ourselves on September 24. Nothing else, just the package, but we were really glad to see it.

We couldn’t remember what exactly we sent, so it was a surprise to find out. It was just the leftover stuff that was still in our apartment after the movers had taken everything else away. Among the stuff was oreo-type cookies (yay!), Teva sandals that Dan thought he had lost, and the cord that connects the camera to the computer. Finally, I was able to upload some photos to a few back posts of this blog. If you already read them, look again.


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