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Camarones- Spinning our wheels again

After making a significant contribution to Ford Motor Company for a part apparently made out of solid gold, we are cruising again.  All in all, it was a very positive experience as we got to stay in a very pleasant truck stop, marvel at Argentine enthusiasm for soccer showing on the tv of the eating area, and we had a nice three-hour chat with a trucker who picked us up so we could go to the big city to get the aforementioned auto part.  The mechanic who fixed our vehicle was also a standup guy who got us back on the road in a very short time, heading north to Camarones.

Near the small seaport of Camarones we saw a large colony of smelly, noisy penguins.


It was incredible to walk among these waddling creatures who are almost indifferent to your presence. These little waddlers in the pictures below are from Cabo dos Bahias.


If they think you are lingering in their personal space too long, they reach out and bite you with their sturdy beak.




Glad I was wearing sturdy boots.



MMMMMmmmm, tastes like chicken!


I hope you have nothing against purty sunsets.

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