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Adios, Guatemala

Lago Atitlan

Not only is Guatemala a beautiful country, but the people are incredibly friendly and polite. It is even more noticeable after having left the place. Even the police who stopped us and tried to fine us were good-natured. They asked for a “multa” which is a fine, and I kept asking them what this multa thing was. After about 10 minutes of “Sorry senores, I donĀ“t understand,” they gave up and let us go on our way. There were about 7 officers at this particular checkpoint. One of them was even taking a picture of the gringomobile with his cameraphone, or is it a phonecamera?

our host family and us

Our host family, the Farfans, took good care of us while we were in Antigua.

Spanish torture

Finally the tables are turned and I get to wear the bored expression in class. Actually, this was a joke.


These little kids were apparently forced to participate in this parade of some patron saint or some such.

waiting for the parade

parade girls

Antigua homeless shelter

This is the hangout for the local homeless folks.

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  1. Lonnie Bruner Says:

    Dan, did you seriously take that picture? Or is it just a scanned postcard.

  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. Dan Says:

    That, my friend, is 100% electron. No cellulose fibers involved. Atitlan is very beautiful.

  4. Posted from Costa Rica Costa Rica
  5. Damon Says:

    Awesome photos.

  6. Posted from United States United States