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Aburi Botanical Gardens and Mampong

On Sunday we visited Aburi Botanical Gardens, located about 35 km north of Accra. What a difference 35 km can make. It was noticeably cooler, the landscape was hilly rather than flat like Accra, and the air was clearer. There was also far less traffic.

The gardens themselves are divided into lawns with paths leading to each. Many of the trees, brought in from the far reaches of the British Empire in the late 19th century, are labeled with their scientific name, common name and uses. It was a real treat to go for a walk under tall, shady trees.

Aburi tall trees

For some reason, there is a broken down helicopter in the gardens. Dan and David enjoyed climbing around in it. Despite appearances, they are not injured in any way.
Aburi helicopter

Near Aburi is the town of Mampong, where we visited Tetteh Quarshie’s farm. Tetteh Quarshie was the man who brought cocoa to the Gold Coast (now known as Ghana) back in the 1870s. Now Ghana is the second largest exporter of cocoa in the world (behind Côte d’Ivoire). Chances are that some of the delicious chocolate treats you enjoy originated in Ghana.

We had never seen cocoa fruits before and were surprised to see the way they grow right out of the tree trunk.

cocoa fruit

The fruit is cut open, and the seeds are removed and dried for 10 days. Then the seeds are ready to be ground and made into chocolate. We tasted some of the dried beans. Of course they are not chocolate – no sugar in them – but the taste of cocoa is unmistakable.

cocoa beans

The caretaker and his daughter explained all this to us. Some cocoa beans are drying on the table in the photo above.

Here we are next to one of the original trees, supposedly. Funny how it’s so skinny after over 100 years.

group at Tetteh Quarshie's


2 Responses to “Aburi Botanical Gardens and Mampong”

  1. KK Says:

    Are you suggesting, in your last paragraph, that the tree is not infact one of the originals planted by Tetteh Quarshie?

    How did you expect the tree to look after 100 years? well guess what, not all living things put on 10 pounds for every year they are alive. i’m guessing you’re american so this might come as a suprise to you!

    just so you know, cocoa trees, like most perennials live on for centuries. The list is endless. Cocoa, Mango, Avocado, …are but a few.

    Consider yourself educated.

  2. Posted from Canada Canada
  3. CHRIS BOYE Says:

    May the LORD GOD BLESS Tetteh Quarshie.
    Amen .

  4. Posted from United States United States