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Siem Reap: The Temples of Angkor

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

We left Phnom Penh on Monday January 30th, and took an easily tolerable 5 hour bus north to Siem Reap. What was not quite so tolerable were the tuk-tuk drivers attacking us as we got off the bus. We collected our bags from underneath the dirty vehicle, and they swarmed on us, like piranha ferociously attacking stranded bait. 8 to 10 young guys surrounded us in a tight circle as we tried to put our packs on, each of them screaming in our ears, yelling louder and louder so to to be heard over the others. They waved signs in our faces, “tuk-tuk to any guesthouse, 1000 riel”. One of them grabbed my arm and spun me round, “Are you from the OK Guesthouse in Phnom Penh?”

I grabbed his hand, removed it from my arm, and replied “No.” Not even the old women of Croatia had been this aggressive.

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