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Angkor Wow

Despite the difficulties I wrote about getting into Cambodia, the marvels to be had at my first stop made the exhausting journey a mere distant memory. I arrived in Siam Reap, the gateway to Angkor Wat, completely unprepared to be awestruck in the way which I was. I admit, before going to the temples of Angkor I was alittle unsure of what to expect. I knew I was going to see a series of ancient temples but the magnitude and natural beauty of some of the sights were beyong my realm of comprehension.

There are a multitude of ways to reach the temples from the main town of Siem Reap. On my first night in Siem Reap I decided to wake up at 430am in order to travel to Angkor Wat to see the sunrise over the magnificent temple. I woke up and by 5am I was outside with my new friends on rented bicycles ready to pedal our way to the temple. The bike ride took about 30 minutes and we arrived at Angkor wat by about 530. Far from being the first ones there, the entrance to the temple was packed with toursits all waiting for the same shot. At around 6am, the sun began to rise and cameras started clicking. The whole event was a great experience and the sight was breathtaking.

After admiring the sunrise, I went for a delicious breakfast across from Angkor Wat and was ready to start exploring. I went back to the Angkor Wat temple and explored that for a while. Next I pedaled to Angkor Thom which was about 1 km down the road. Here I explored the ancient temple of Bayon which is highlighted by having 216 carved faces looking down into the temple or as legend goes, it was used as a means of intimidation by the people….kind of like a big brother is always watching type thing. <img src=”″ alt=”” />

After drifting around Angkor Thom on my bike, I trecked it to Preah Kahn where I got lost in the numerous ancient corridors. By this time I was quite exhausted. And was faced with a long (didn’t feel long in the morning) bike ride home before passing out.

The next day, I decided to hire a driver to take me around. These can be aeasily arranged on the street or from your hotel. I chose to trust the man at my hotel to take care of this for me and for $8 I had a driver for the day. He rode a motorbike which pulls a small carriage. This is a tukl tuk. So anyways I started the day revisitng Angkor Wat as there was still more to see.

After this I traveled to Ta Phrom which was easily my favorite of the temples. This temple can be described (as my lonely planet so eloquently puts it) as being in a wrestling match with nature. All throughout this temple ancient trees and growing intertwined with the temples walls. Its truly a remarkable temple. Some may recognize it as it used as a set for Tomb Raider….but I mean who was really looking at the scenery there. Anyways This temples a must see. After that I visited some other temples but after Ta Phrom nothing really came close.

I think 2 days in the temples is good, I think its doable in one day, but Id leave the bicycle behind if you only have one day. That being said I think the bicycle was a great way to go around and see thing at your own pace, stop where there is something interesting, etc.

It should be noted that this day was filled with little eating and drinking stops. Upon entering and exiting every temple there are countless children offering you water, drinks, etc. Its often hard to say no to them, or to some how arbitrarily choose which one will get your business.


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