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Lessons Learned in South America´s Largest Artesan Market

We find ourselves in Otavalo, Ecuador, home to South America´s largest outdoor market. I should have anticipated this would be trouble.  

Lessons learned:

 1. Markets are a lot of fun. I actually hyperventilated a little when I saw it.

2. Bargaining makes me feel good. It doesn´t matter if I only save $1 on a $30 item- the thrill of winning is pretty fine.

3. Avoid the hammock and table cloth people at all costs. And it´s a good idea to learn how to say – ¨I don´t even have a house, let alone a table¨, in Spanish.

4. Think of a good story for crossing the Canadian border. It´s quite possible that Canada Customs will assume I am in the alpaca importing business.

5. When you can no longer carry what you´re buying, you should probably stop. Dumping your stuff at the hotel and going back can be an expensive idea.

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  1. Amy Davies Says:

    Is it Ok if I use your lessons learned on my blog? I think you got it just right and I’ll give you credit for it.


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