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Hotel on The Strip, Las Vegas: Luxor Hotel and Casino

I watched Ocean’s 13 last night on DVD, and found the hotel in the movie is very cool. But after I goolged it today, I knew it is a fake hotel, and the real hotel in this movie is actually The Bellagio. I wasn’t impressed by the interior decoration of the Bank hotel, but the whole red “DNA” shape design is fantastic, and Ocean’s 13’s villa is very stylish.

hotels_on_the_strip.JPG look for the Red building.

We’ve been to Las Vegas once and had a great time there, though I don’t recommend the hotel – Luxor Hotel & Casino we stayed. Two reasons: 1) too far away from the strip though it is on the strip; 2)we stayed at the upgraded room in the tower which is a long way to the hotel front entrance and parking lot. But the rate is good, we paid about $80 a night during Christmas after applying promotion codes which are easy to find on the Net.
Ok, photo time!

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas

Luxor hotel in day, Las Vegas

Luxor hotel inside, Las Vegas

Luxor hotel inside, Las Vegas

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3 responses to “Hotel on The Strip, Las Vegas: Luxor Hotel and Casino”

  1. Elena says:


    After reading this, I can see why people keep leaving comments. I hope this isn’t rejected, cause i would really like to read more. Can you post some more good literature?

  2. The Luxor is really at the start of the strip. I never stayed there, but my cousin loved the place. Every time he was in town he stayed there. Next time you are in town, try Caesar’s Palace or The Mirage if you want something more centrally located. The MGM isn’t bad either because of the Monorail station.

  3. Cynthia Briest says:

    Hey, I was wondering if I could use some of your Luxor Hotel pictures for a school project. Please let me know if I can. Thank you.

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