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Go hiking in Hong Kong, have you ever think about that?

I love Hong Kong, since I can go shopping whenever I go out for food. Services in Hong Kong is probably the best in the world. So, I can enjoy great food, great services, great people, great stuff and great city view. Who won’t love Hong Kong?

But another reason I like Hong Kong is because I can go hiking, no just shopping, as well. We have hiked mostly in Sai Kong, one or twice in Hong Kong Island and Lautau.

Hong Kong hiking trail map

You can see from above map, hiking trails system in Hong Kong actually is quite well developed. The basic information is mostly maintained by the government but not easy to find on Internet. The tips, guides or reviews are mostly in Cantonese Chinese and are very limited too.

long ke wan, beach

This beach: Long Ke Wan beach is one of the most romantic secluded place Hong Kong. It is in the first stage of MacLehose trail. The only ways to get this beach are 1) hike over the mountain; 2) boat there and swim to the beach. Roz’s Hiking Page tells you the detailed direction to get here. Please be reminded that it is very time consuming get the start point if you don’t drive yourself.

A reward to your day hike: a seafood meal in Sai Kung downtown!

Ok, photo tour: (all photos were took on 2003 )

Long Ke wan Hong Kong

On the way to see the bay and beach.

beach of Long Ke wan Hong Kong

On the beach, we were the 3rd and 4th persons on this beach in that afternoon. The sand isn’t very good, but the view is fantastic!

the side of beach of Long Ke wan Hong Kong

coastline of Long Ke wan Hong Kong

The only way to see another beach behind this mountain is to hike over it. We didn’t do it.


A close look on the rock on the beach, and my foot.

Youtube Link about Long Ke Wan:

Hong Kong hiking trails

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