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Budget Traveler in Beijing: A Hotel Review

During my recent trip to Beijing alone, I stayed in a new budget hotel called Master Inn (贏家酒店, meaning: a hotel for winner or a hotel better than home). It is a business economic class hotel in China. One of my friend founds this online when we wanted to find a budget hotel near “Tsinghua Science Park” area. It is located in the campus of Peking University, Health Science Center, and recently remodeled from a college-run hostel into this business chain hotel, and it is in “beta phase” during my stay.

What I like about the hotel:

1. Brand new items: the hall, the floor, the carpet, the wall, the sheet and towers…When everything is new, everthing looks and feels clean and good; and more important, I didn’t smell any “renovation odor”.

2. Quite environment: It is no surprise that I didn’t hear much noices since it is in campus. The wall is not as thin as other new hotels, and I really had the same sound sleep as at home.

3. Free Internet and breakfast: the price of a queen-size bed room is 188/night, the lowest I can find online at that location.

What I dislike about it:

1. Unclear direction: I went to the hotel with a local fiend who has looked up the hotel location on map before. We need to ask direction to the hotel; on the second day, I was with another friend and we both got lost in the campus.

2. Small room: The bed/living room and restroom are really small, but the layout is good enough for ONE person to stay. I don’t know if the room with two twin-size beds is larger.

3. Service: I asked for a hair drier and was told that all the driers were borrowed. They didn’t follow up to ask if other customers have finished using the drier.


beijing hotel review


beijing hotel review

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