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A survey: what’s your pain in planning a vacation?

I made phone calls like crazy yesterday afternoon, trying to book hotel rooms for my coming vacation to Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, China.

I have spent quite some time research what to do in our destinations during the weekend and was frustrated — since I got a lot of repeated but either useless or out-of-date (You know, everything changes so fast in China) information about the destinaion from search engine (google or baidu). Anyway, I finally set our itinerary and am ready to book hotel rooms. I found our most desired hotel was fully booked. Of course, I can still find a place, a nice place to stay if i am willing to pay RMB 600/night when I can get one for RMB 180 just 2 days’ ago.

In the whole planning process, I spent way too much time deciding where to go and what to do. I want to see the fall foliage, but people have different opinions about where and when. I hope I have a super computer or a super data mining machine to dig all relavant data out for me. Unfortunately, I don’t.

I would like to do a light survey about: what’s your most difficult part in planning a vacation? How do you solve it?

For me, it is to decide which few attraction points to see the most beautiful natural scences in limited time. I will:

1) search google and baidu (in Chinese),

2) go to forum and ask questions (but got almost 0 repsonds),

3) search for travel blogs in either English or Chinese (which need a lot of time to read and filter the information).

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3 responses to “A survey: what’s your pain in planning a vacation?”

  1. Mala Mukunda says:

    My difficulty would be taking time off to travel.When the passion to travel becomes strong enough to discount excuses, everything falls into place for me.
    Mala Mukunda

  2. Gudrun says:

    my most difficult part is that I too spend way too many hours researching all the options. Since there is so much information available, I feel it necessary to view it all before making a decision. By the time we go on the vacation, I totally need a vacation!

  3. avraam jack says:

    Trying to determine the best Yalong bay hotel has been difficult. That is how I came here.

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