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The Pacific!

I went charging down through the gardens and out to the ocean “as if my hair were on fire.” Beautiful, beautiful! And still more beautiful. There are rocks and waves and sea gulls, as one might expect. There is sea weed and that sharp sea smell, and there is that quality of air that has brought me back to life many times when I thought I was about to slip into something less than life. I watched three blonde children digging in the sand, and as they dug, completely engrossed in the hole they were making, a young sea lion surfaced, not 20 yards away from them, peering at them, curious and incautious (in very shallow waters). The sea lion appeared to be wondering if they could be playmates. Or dinner perhaps. Its eyes met mine. It saw me looking at it, looking at them. And then it dove and disappeared, taking a piece of me into the ocean.


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