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News Flash: Dawa has a website!

In the last 3 posts I’ve mentioned Dawa and Humaya, a Nepalese couple who live here at Upaya. This afternoon when I was checking my most recent blog post, Dawa passed through the computer room and saw my front page, with the picture of the Potala. He gasped. “Potala! Mama, I know this place! I been there many times. You know it has the highest toilet in the world.” That was totally apropos of my most recent post, but he went on to talk to me about his trekking experiences, and it turns out that a few years back, a woman from California made him a web site. So here it is, complete with photo gallery that shows you Dawa, his wife Humaya, and if you scroll down you can see his kids, his house in Nepal, the picture of him summiting in 1984 (just before he was in an avalanche and damaged his back): it’s and go to the photo gallery. (The Zen Center has a Mac with Mozilla, and I can’t make the WordPress link thingie work, so you’ll have to work it out for yourself if you’d like to see my new friends.) Dawa and Humaya have a story that would make a fascinating book. If I end up living at Upaya, I’m sure I’ll try to help them write it.


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