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Blog loss

Suddenly the server for WordPress has lost all its blogs since August 17. COINCIDENTALLY the last blog entry I have left is the one written on my last day in Portugal. It raised the existential question with which I started this blog: Should I do this? Who would be served by it? Does it serve me? Certainly in Portugal, it served me, by linking me to my community of friends. Some people reported loving the Portuguese travel story and pilgrimage. But when I returned from Portugal, I waffled, started, stopped, was uncertain of my intention, and then that disappeared mysteriously.

Here’s how the WordPress man-in-the-machine explained it:

Why are the Blog entries back to August?
Maybe you noticed that your blog is missing posts dating back to August 17th? Or that your blog ain’t here anymore. Well, after doing this for 3+ years we have had a series of server errors and the database that was storing all the blog entries was wiped clean. The most recent back-up that we’ve been able to restore is from August 17th. All our daily back-ups between August 17th and now are missing for the moment.

We are still working on finding a more recent back-up. If we do not find it, I am not sure if there is anything we can do. We are truly sorry about this.

Posted by Sean at September 21, 2006 06:27 PM”


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