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Back in Texas

It was a better trip than my best dreams of what it could be. Ansie and Gallo and I had a great time exploring one little piece of Mexico and getting to know each other better, and while it is good to see my young adult daughter again, it’s hard to come back to the mundane world of laundry, grocery shopping, brushing the cat, opening the mail, etc. Driving home from the airport I was struck by how colorless all the buildings are–beige, gray, white. About the most colorful thing we have around here is red brick. Blah. But it’s a glorious spring day and the leaves are unfurling, so I can’t be too grouchy. I’ve posted my photos of Guanajuato on my photo site. I didn’t take many photos, and many of the ones I took were useless, but Gallo and Ansie outdid themselves. As soon as I get theirs, I’ll post the link on here so anyone who reads this can really see what it was like!


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  1. stephenbrody says:

    Gosh, I see what you mean about colour! Nothing in Iberia to compare with that, and looking forward to seeing more….

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