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4,3,2,1: LIFT OFF!

Manko and Kendra are spending their first night in their new home tonight. They took what they absolutely needed with them today. Tomorrow morning the moving men come, to load up what has been my household and take it over to their place. I’ll supervise the move and delivery while the girls are at work. The Grand Scheme is in motion. Is this really happening? I feel a little like I’m in the middle of that Dali painting with the melting clocks.

From time to time during the day and night I paused for a televised glimpse at the rest of the world, more to convince myself that I’m not dreaming than for any other purpose. But the world wasn’t cooperating. The news is surreal. The people of Albania love George W. Bush. Perhaps they’d like to have him? I know a great many people who’d be happy to help with a hand-over. And then Vanessa Redgrave did not win the Tony Award for best actress. Other than those two rather astonishing events, if anything else happened today beyond my domestic drama, I wasn’t aware of it.

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