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Scandinavian and North Atlantic plans

I wish I could write South Atlantic plans. Those include the Falklands, Tristan da Cunha, St Helena and several bits of Antarctica. But these are still in the vaguer goal-stage, not yet in actual plans. The North Atlantic is far more feasible. And Scandinavia – well, that’s home.

Here’s what I planned for the more immediate surrounds years back. Some done, some planned for 2009, a bit to go:

30 Norway-goals

  1. Spend a night in an ice hotel (2009)
  2. Do a glacier walk
  3. Climb Galdhøpiggen (Norway’s highest mountain) (1986)
  4. Climb Gaustatoppen (2009)
  5. Borgund stave church (2000)
  6. UNESCO-listed Urnes stave church
  7. The UNESCO-listed fjords of Western Norway (2000)
  8. Drive Trollstigen (the Troll’s Ladder) (2000)
  9. Drive the Atlantic Road (2001)
  10. Train to Flåm and boat across Sognefjord (1989)
  11. All the towns in the southern provinces (finished ca 2001)
  12. Henrik Ibsen’s Venstøp in Skien (2002)
  13. Vemork, sight of heavy water sabotage during WW II (2002)
  14. Svalbard, incl. Pyramiden and Barentsburg, and not get eaten by polar bear (2007)
  15. Kirkenes and the Russian border area (1996)
  16. Kjeragbolten (possibly 2009)
  17. Preikestolen (possibly 2009)
  18. Drive Finnmarksvidda (Karasjok, Kautokeino) (2000)
  19. Hammerfest – the world’s northernmost city (2000)
  20. North Cape and Honningsvåg, the other northernmost city in the world (2000)
  21. Coastal Express (2000 and 2001)
  22. Saltstraumen, Svartisen, Vesterålen
  23. Brønnøysund and Sortland
  24. Have a meal at restaurant Bagatelle in Oslo
  25. Spend a night in a light house (2006)
  26. Island of Utsira (possibly 2009)
  27. Islands of Røst and/or Værøy
  28. Å (the shortest place name in the world) in beautiful Lofoten Islands
  29. Vøringfossen (Norway’s highest waterfall) (1985)
  30. UNESCO-listed Vega Archipelago on the Arctic circle

15 Scandinavia/North Atlantic goals

  1. All the Nordic capitals (Copenhagen, Helsinki , Oslo, Reykjavik, Stockholm) (1991)
  2. Faroe Islands (possibly 2009)
  3. Greenland
  4. In Denmark: Kronborg Castle, The Jelling Stones, Louisiana Art Museum, Fyn, Ålborg, Århus and Roskilde (at least some of these in 2009)
  5. Climb Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise
  6. Climb Denmark’s highest mountain (haha), Himmelbjerget
  7. Sweden’s highest waterfall, Njupeskär (2000)
  8. Bornholm and Christiansø Islands
  9. Drive across the bridge/tunnel between Sweden and Denmark
  10. Gotland Island
  11. UNESCO-listed Øland Island
  12. Rovaniemi
  13. Åland Islands (1994)
  14. Spend a night at the UNESCO-listed fortress of Suomenlinna.
  15. Get a ride with an ice breaker

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