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City of the Viking King part II – wintertime

Trondheim is such a great city – if you can abide cold temperatures and biting wind, that is. I’m suggesting my daughter do the autumn terms here and winter terms elsewhere (like Australia), but so far, no luck. She actually seems to like the cold. Strange!

Little sis and I visited last weekend to celebrate big sis’ birthday (19! Yikes!). We saw the Scientific Museum, tried the fabulous Italian restaurant Frati, the restaurant in the turning Tyholt Tower and the quirky cake buffet at Mormor (Grandma’s) where you can have all the coffee/tea and cakes you can manage for NOK 54. Good for the wallet and the taste buds, not so much for the hips.

PS – Changed the appearance of the blog just now to this Nepali Temple – seems appropriate in a winter fairytale-kind of way. Also, I’d love to see it.

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