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February 24, 2005

The many uses of...

I'll update this as I go along. This will be about common items and the different ways they are used in other countries.

The many uses of...

Toilet paper: as table napkins in Myanmar. When we first arrived in Myanmar, we noticed that our hotel provided us with toilet paper. How LUX, I thought. Strange how it has this funny plastic cover and that the paper pokes out on top. But, then I noticed that the bathroom already had toilet paper. Hrm. We went out to eat and noticed the table had toilet paper with a plastic cover. I looked around at the other diners and some of them seemed to be pulling it out for a napkin. Yes! It was a napkin. Every restaurant in Myanmar has a roll on the table. They sell you two types of toilet paper rolls - with and without a cardboard roll in the middle. Strangely enough, without a roll always cost 50 kyat more.

Toilet paper as table napkin is also popular in Thailand. Apparently, toilet paper is cheaper than napkins!

Plastic bags: to hold takeaway food AND drink. It's quite a common sight in Thailand to see folks sipping on coke or tea from a straw sticking out of a plastic bag. Streetside vendors selling tea or other random liquids (haven't yet tried them all) will put ice in the bag, then the drink, pop in a straw and away you go down the street drinking from a plastic bag.

In India, Burma and Thailand, most takeaway food is put in a plastic bag. Even soup.

Posted by Cathy on February 24, 2005 06:16 AM
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