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November 10, 2005

the home run

Here's Brazil so far ----
So we got off the boat from the Rio Paraguay and got ourselved over to the east coast. May sound easy but we got on a bus on Saturday afternoon and finally arrived in Lençois on Monday alvo. Woohoo, there's a journey, lots of buses and bus stations, no sleep and a crook neck.
Lençois is a great place, lots of caves and waterfalls. We shared our hotel room with some very sweet kittens and had to protect their three legged mother from the evil tom cat after a lil' bit of action. We spent a day seeing the area, diving off rocks, reclining on rocks, posing on rocks.
Then we jumped back on a bus to Salvador. Great place, we were there for a few nights and saw an amazing show of traditional dances and Capoeira.
We haven't seen much of a beach since back in Central America, and we read about a place called Pipa that had the beaches we were after - and dolphins in the sea too! So we made our way north (a small 40 hour detour) and it's all true! Pipa is ace and we've been here now for 26 days! We have a great hotel here with a pool and gardens. Then soon after we arrived we got some great neighbours. The beach isn't too much of a walk and totally beautiful. Nearly everyday we've seen dolphins playing in the waves and even managed to swim really close to them!
So after nearly a month here it's time to leave our monkey friends and our coconuts and head down south to Rio - we've got a 48 hour bus leaving tomorrow! More news from us when we get there. See you soon!!

Posted by Siobhan on November 10, 2005 07:24 PM
Category: BRAZIL

at last..more news..just checked your picks...
whats the funny looking monkey-thing with the grey wisps?
looking forward to seeing you soon

Posted by: up t' taters on November 10, 2005 07:34 PM
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