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September 24, 2005

Pictures of Argentina

Hey, We know we've been slack again on detail and updating but here's a flurry of pictures to show just how cool Argentina was. We loved the place and wish we had more time to mooch around in it.....
Things were hotting up from day one. So we cooled down in an amazing ski resort near Bariloche with amazing views over the lake.
Then to get over to the east side of the country we took an over night train and got our own personal cabin. There were some great views out of our cabin window and we had an ace picnic inside. As if that wasn't cool enough the next morning on the bus ride to the next town Jono won a bottle of wine in the bingo game!
The next town we visited had many travel agencies selling really expensive trips to see whales. We were gutted it cost so much and wandered around the town and ended up on the pier and got to see our own free whale show!! It was sooo freezing at the pier but totally worth it, the next day we put on all the clothes we owned and a hip flask of whisky and stood out in the horizontal rain to watch it again, this time the whales were swimming right under us. Turns out we were in the area too soon to see penguins but on that second day there was one lonely little buddy out there searching for fish. I was as excited about that as the whales, it was the sweetest little thing!
After that we made it to friendly Buenos Aires. You'd think there was a big event going on here but down the road there was about five students complaining about government art grants.
We watched a bit of tango. Visited a very fancy graveyard with little marble houses for each family, some of the graves were so damaged that the coffins were hanging out in the pathways.
After ten days in Buenos Aires we ditched Argentina for Uruguay by boat.
Over in Uruguay we made fast friends with a dog missing a foot, admired the millions of old cars parked around the streets and the old colonial streets in the town. That was enough of that town so the next day we went to the capital Montevideo. It was pretty quiet there and not much open, the main square had some suspect buildings but our hotel room was super nice.
Uruguay didn't last long for us and soon we were on our way to Brazil....

Posted by Siobhan on September 24, 2005 11:11 PM
Category: Argentina

Congratulations Siobhan and Jono.
Hope you have many happy years ahead. Loved your cake.

Love Bernie xxx

Posted by: Bernie on September 26, 2005 06:59 PM
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