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July 10, 2006


Here is a short video i made on our trip

Smallworld on Vimeo

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December 02, 2005

Beach bums in denial

So there's only two days left. We've been taking it well so far, getting our bus to the beach and doing what we can to avoid imagining how cold it is in england right now. We've had a bunch of fun: hanging out with the locals, comparing tans. Yesterday we took a boat trip out to a few beaches and islands in the area and perfected our freestyle dives (jonos and mine). On the way back to Paraty the skies took a turn and so we've started our weather training for next week.

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November 20, 2005

Rio........and beyond

We arrived in Rio after 48 hours on a bus down from Pipa...the bus journey wasn´t without incident....saw a particularly grizzley scene through the bus window on the first night that involved the aftermath of a motorcycle collision...people here not only dont wear helmets they dont wear tops or shoes either so it was the first real dead bodies i have seen, i dont need to describe it but it was lit by the headlights from a truck that had stopped and the driver was looking bewildered in the road, our bus didnt day after a fitful sleep it turned out there was a guy onboard who was under psychiatric care but without a carer...he was getting more and more irritated and eventually ended up shouting at a little old lady at the front of the bus and started to kick her seat and go for her...nobody as usual did anything so as i was the nearest i got up and shouted at the guy with my blanket in hand and got the driver to stop and sort it out properly...he got off at the next stop and mucho obrigados were sent my way....anyway we reached Rio with no further disaster.....heres what we did in pictures.......
jono1 01.jpg
jono1 02.jpg
jono1 03.jpg

We left Rio after 4 days and headed south for a few hundred Kilometers to Paraty...nice and laid back and surrounded by beaches and islands....Cobbled colonial streets surround our house, here is the view from our window
The owner doesn´t ever come back so we have the place to ourselves most of the time. The owner is called Samuel and he smokes like a chimney, he is also building a house in a secluded bay along the coast. He took us there for a day trip disguised as a tour....the boat was another freighter full of bricks and Samuel fell asleep in his part built house while we sat on the beach and were entertained by the local kids


We had one storm but it´s been so hot we are hoping for another. The rest of the time the sea is the coolest place...


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November 10, 2005

the home run

Here's Brazil so far ----
So we got off the boat from the Rio Paraguay and got ourselved over to the east coast. May sound easy but we got on a bus on Saturday afternoon and finally arrived in Lençois on Monday alvo. Woohoo, there's a journey, lots of buses and bus stations, no sleep and a crook neck.
Lençois is a great place, lots of caves and waterfalls. We shared our hotel room with some very sweet kittens and had to protect their three legged mother from the evil tom cat after a lil' bit of action. We spent a day seeing the area, diving off rocks, reclining on rocks, posing on rocks.
Then we jumped back on a bus to Salvador. Great place, we were there for a few nights and saw an amazing show of traditional dances and Capoeira.
We haven't seen much of a beach since back in Central America, and we read about a place called Pipa that had the beaches we were after - and dolphins in the sea too! So we made our way north (a small 40 hour detour) and it's all true! Pipa is ace and we've been here now for 26 days! We have a great hotel here with a pool and gardens. Then soon after we arrived we got some great neighbours. The beach isn't too much of a walk and totally beautiful. Nearly everyday we've seen dolphins playing in the waves and even managed to swim really close to them!
So after nearly a month here it's time to leave our monkey friends and our coconuts and head down south to Rio - we've got a 48 hour bus leaving tomorrow! More news from us when we get there. See you soon!!

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November 04, 2005


For those ready to rock the midlands .....


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October 14, 2005

Brazil photo frenzy

Hi, we appreciate that we've been semi-slack with the updates and times running out here at the internet cafe... so here's a bizarre collection of the past few weeks. Explanations to follow. Maybe.
falls 2.JPG
me falls.JPG

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October 07, 2005

Rio Paraguay.

3.45pm 3/10/05-The boat is stuck on a sandbank after a good start from Conception. We are facing back the way we came and the little boat we were towing is now out in the river, one of the crew is trying to find deeper water with a long pole.
The boat; The Guarani, is fully loaded with mountains of produce and supplies for the villages and settlements along the way upstream. We picked up a few passengers just as we left Conception but there is plenty of room on the boat and we can wander around the whole thing. We have a small cabin with just enough room for the bunk bed and a little space for our bags and legs, its not really the place for spending too much time though.We also just found out our journey will be closer to 48 hours than the 24 we expected. 1 bag of bread rolls, 1 sweaty block of cheese that started off sliced but has since returned to its former state as a block, 2 liters of Coke, 5 liters of water, 3 small onions(could almost be shallots), a packet of chocolate biscuits and a large tin of peaches....our supplies for 24 hours but now need to last 48. eek.
The Guarani is a freighter that travels up and down the Rio Paraguay from Ascuncion to Bahai Negra over the space of 2 weeks, it takes a few passengers but the duration and slightly higher cost than the passenger boat puts people off.
4.05pm and the boat is loose and heading up river again.

Continue reading "Rio Paraguay."

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September 24, 2005

Pictures of Argentina

Hey, We know we've been slack again on detail and updating but here's a flurry of pictures to show just how cool Argentina was. We loved the place and wish we had more time to mooch around in it.....
Things were hotting up from day one. So we cooled down in an amazing ski resort near Bariloche with amazing views over the lake.
Then to get over to the east side of the country we took an over night train and got our own personal cabin. There were some great views out of our cabin window and we had an ace picnic inside. As if that wasn't cool enough the next morning on the bus ride to the next town Jono won a bottle of wine in the bingo game!
The next town we visited had many travel agencies selling really expensive trips to see whales. We were gutted it cost so much and wandered around the town and ended up on the pier and got to see our own free whale show!! It was sooo freezing at the pier but totally worth it, the next day we put on all the clothes we owned and a hip flask of whisky and stood out in the horizontal rain to watch it again, this time the whales were swimming right under us. Turns out we were in the area too soon to see penguins but on that second day there was one lonely little buddy out there searching for fish. I was as excited about that as the whales, it was the sweetest little thing!
After that we made it to friendly Buenos Aires. You'd think there was a big event going on here but down the road there was about five students complaining about government art grants.
We watched a bit of tango. Visited a very fancy graveyard with little marble houses for each family, some of the graves were so damaged that the coffins were hanging out in the pathways.
After ten days in Buenos Aires we ditched Argentina for Uruguay by boat.
Over in Uruguay we made fast friends with a dog missing a foot, admired the millions of old cars parked around the streets and the old colonial streets in the town. That was enough of that town so the next day we went to the capital Montevideo. It was pretty quiet there and not much open, the main square had some suspect buildings but our hotel room was super nice.
Uruguay didn't last long for us and soon we were on our way to Brazil....

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September 14, 2005


We have been here for a week now and there is too much to do and see, hours of walking and exploring has led to hundreds of shops, resteraunts, galleries, a cinema, a skatepark or two and a football match....that doesn´t include a cemetary, a zoo, a tango show and antiques markets......and gallons of strong coffee, an English pub serving pints of stout and more walking and a tube train system.....we leave in a couple of days but there is more to see....the skatepark again, more food and drink, possibly a film and some more soon when the internet cafe allows it.

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September 01, 2005

Bolivian picture story

Bolivia went flying by in two short weeks, here's some pictures of the ace time we had ....
potosi museum.JPG
miners 1.JPG
miners 2.JPG
miners 3.JPG
train 2.JPG
Copia de salt 2.JPG
salt and cactus.JPG
hot tub.JPG

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