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Same Same (only different)

We have traveled many miles since I last wrote. I tried writing from Japan but luci got impatient with me as usual. I got some pictures edited but I didn’t manage to get them posted. I’ll get them up later. I also came up against a wall trying to write about Japan. Such an unusual place. I found it very difficult to sum up my thoughts about the place. A couple of things that definitely stand out are 1) that it doesn’t actually cost as much as people say it does and 2) things are really expensive there. Yeah, I know a contradiction but this is really my impression of the place. I have the utmost respect for the Japanese and the flawlessness with which they run their country but at the same time that is what bugged me the most about the place. I come to the conclusion that Japan is an awesome place but simply not the place for Luke Wagner. I give more specifics about our trip north and skiing/snowboarding when I can get some pictures up.

Now, concerning more current events…we have just come from the bustling and chaos of Bangkok, Thailand one of my favorite cities. Such contrasts of inconvenience and comfort here in SE Asia. We flew in on Monday and spent a few days running errands in town preparing for our trip up to Laos. We got our visas and booked an overnight train to the NE of Thailand where yesterday morning we crossed the border to Vientiane the capital of Laos. What an amazing place! I was just mentioning to Luci this morning over baguettes and café au lait that this is the first former French colony that I have visited. I thing the French had the right idea. Despite the fact that this is Laos biggest city it still maintains a big-town charm and to make things even better you can eat really well here. Last night we ate Laos style sukiyaki (charcoal heated hot pot that you dip your own fresh meat and vegetables in to cook) along the banks of the Mekong river. Today we found this very authentic Northern Italian restaurant where we plan to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. We tried in Bangkok but we failed in the attempt to get to the Supatra Riverhouse because of intense traffic.

We’ll be here for a couple of days before heading north to Luang Prabang one of SE Asia’s premier World Heritage Sites. Hopefully I’ll get some time to post pictures and stories of our trip north before too much time passes.

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