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One Last Greasy Breakfast

When I woke up yesterday morning, totally sure that work would be cancelled because of the tons of snow, I laid in bed and wanted buttered toast with home fries and a ham and cheese omelet. Then I called work and found out it was OPEN. My dreams for a diner breakfast were crushed.

Later, I told Jim I needed a good ol-fashioned greasy breakfast before we leave. So this morning we went and I got exactly what I listed above and I INHALED it. I was so hungry and it was so good. I was 3/4 through my meal when I looked up and said, “Oh, you got steak??” and realized I hadn’t really even stopped for a breath since I started eating. Ha.

I didn’t mention that for the past couple of weeks, there has been slim pickins in the way of food in our apartment. We didn’t want to buy much since we were leaving, and we don’t want to eat out since we are saving money. But that meant coming home to hardly anything and ending up eating hardly anything. So I have been ravenous lately. That breakfast was awesome.


One response to “One Last Greasy Breakfast”

  1. jenny says:

    There is nothing quite as tasty as greasy hash browns covered and smothered Denny’s style…. yuuuummmm *drool*