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July 23, 2005

The holiday begins

For our first week we stayed in a villa just off the 192 in Kissimee
(nr Orlando) with the four of us and another 5 family members who had
already been in Florida for a fortnight. It was basically a Disney
week with one day in Sea World.

We picked up an intermediate car from the airport when we landed for
getting around during the week. We were given paperwork at the
counter in the airport and told to go to the garage and pick any car
we liked from the intermediate line (the keys were in the doors of
the cars). This was new procedure for me; previously I have always
been assigned a specific car. Choice is not always a good thing and
there was some significant debate from the rest of the family about
what model and which colour to get! We ended up with a silver grey
Pontiac Grand Am which had a nice interior (my wife) and had a cool
spoiler and colour (my 12 year old boys).

This was the first time in almost 10 years we had visited Disneyworld
without staying in a Disney Hotel. The growth in traffic levels in
the surrounding areas in that 10 years was amazing. The 192 was
frequently choked with traffic and it was more like the M25 than the
wide open roads I enjoy driving on in the states.

The only significant changes in Disneyworld since we were there last
year were the addition of `Soarin' in Epcot which is a copy of the
ride in DisneyLand California (an excellent simulation of a hang
glider ride around the major attractions of California) and a Stunt
Driving show in the MGM studios which is apparently a copy of a
similar attraction in Disney Paris and is a very entertaining

Outside of Disney we found a new favourite appetizer the `Bloomin
Onion' from the Outback Steakhouse try one if you get chance (its
to share though, don't try to eat one to yourself).

The week was over before we knew it and we were saying goodbye to the
others as they flew home and the four of us set off for Salt Lake
City (or as the kids would say `we've been to Disney, now Dad is
going to the mountains).

Posted by Graham on July 23, 2005 09:59 PM
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