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Vang vieng

We reached vang vieng after 5 hours of windy terrible roads and only one sickness! Vang vieng is a pretty small town but it is definitely a tourist destination! There are tons of restaurants and it is kinda funny because they all play friends and family guy! We spent our first night just getting acquainted with the town and having dinner while watching the sunset over the mountains. The next day we were up and ready to hit the river. The reason this place is so popular is because people can go tubing down the river. There are lots of bars along the way with slides and rope swings so you can stop and drink, swim and jump all day long. It was a little cloudy and we were actually pretty early on the river so it was not too crazy but we had a good group of about ten that we floated down with! I tried a swing, I was terrible and fell right in, and I went down the big slide. The big slide was huge and you really went flying! It was so fun but the second time I went down I landed right on my butt and it was almost like belly flopping on my butt! That is another common thing about tubing is people getting hurt on the river. Most of it is cuts and scraps but we did see some people with pretty bad injuries! I’m just happy to say that no one in our group got hurt, besides a belly flop or butt flop! After passing most the bars we were floating down and found a bunch of water buffalo in the river, we went over to them and could actually touch them! It was so cool we were practically sitting on the back of a white one and we could pet her nose and touch her horns and all! It was really really cool! We actually finished the whole river and by the time we were back we were so tired! But after showers and dinner we headed to one of the popular bars. Mostly this place was great for people watching!

Yesterday we slept in and decided that since the sun was out and shining we should tube the river again! It was so busy on the river this day because of the sun and we went on the river a little later in the day! We had a blast tubing, enjoying the sun and watching people. We ended up at a bar that was super local and less popular and there were little Laotian children swimming all over the place! They were adorable, knew just a little English and sat on the dock by us the whole time. When we moved on they all came and climbed up on the tubes with us, so Chelsy and I each had our own tube and then we each had three little brown kids perched on the tube with us! After the sun started to go down we decided to take a tuk tuk back as it was starting to get cold. We had a lot of fun on the river but also have had about enough of it so were headed down to southern Laos. Next stop the capital city of vientiane!


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  1. Dawn says:

    Well love, a little different than tubing down the rivers we’ve done here – but it sounds like a blast. And it sounds like you are well again – Hooray! I was glad to hear it was strep! (Never thought I’d say that) When you first wrote that you were ill right after writing that you’d eaten that bug I feared it would be something awful like a lung fluke. icky. And a serious problem. So, a little strep – no problem. As always, it’s wonderful to hear you are having a great time. Love you, Mom

  2. Summer says:

    Hi mom! Yeah better…. Amoxicillin is so cheap here, thank god! And I’m bringing a box of it home! Still having fun! Headed to the southern tip of Laos tomorrow! Then to Cambodia! Love ya lots!

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