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Railay beach, phan Nga bay and Chiang Mai

sorry these posts have been lacking, this website, my phone or the Internet is not always working properly and sometimes decides not to let me post.

From koh phi phi we all went to railay beach…. Well actually we stayed at tonsai beach, the next beach over. Railay beach area has tons of limestone cliffs everywhere and is known for it’s rock climbing. We got our bungalows, which were super cheap but also “rustic.” by rustic I mean angie and I had a hole in the floor and two in the wall, the showers didn’t have heads on the and the toilet was a add a bucket of water when you’re done type. But it was ok, we were only there for a night and it was more than sufficient. We found a great local Thai restaurant that was so cheap and also the most popular in town. It was a really cool area cause as the sun is setting you can go watch people climb some really tough overhangs! Things I don’t think I would ever be able to do’ and then after sunset there’s live music in a lot of beachfront bars and people practicing their slacklining all over. A very cool place, though we didn’t partake in activities too long as we were worn out from our night out in koh phi phi and we were signed up for an early morning climbing session the next morning.
The next morning we all headed out to the beginners rock climbing area and man it is tougher than any indoor climbing wall I’ve ever been on! Tasia and Angie climb regularly, Chelsy has never done any indoor or outdoor climbing and I haven’t been outdoors and haven’t done indoor climbing in years! So we had a wide range of experience and we all climbed about 3-4 routes. Everyone had a great time and by the time we were finished our bodies were soooo sore! That evening we decided to get ourselves to Phuket on the ferry so we could tour phan Nga bay, the bay the has the island in a James bond movie, before flying north to Chiang Mai.

We took our bags and all up to phan Nga area, about an hour from where we stayed in Phuket town, and found a guy there to take us in the longtail boat to tour the area. This was ok, but after the crystal clear waters of phi phi, and the amazing karst cliffs in railay it was hard to compare! By it was fun to be out on the boat for the day! We stopped in a fishing village and a lady was drying something red out and I was looking at and she told me to try one… So I popped it in my mouth and oh man was it bad! It must be something from a fish, Angie thinks it looked like a bug but it had no legs, and we have no idea what it is, so we call it the small toilet cockroach! Haha!

After our tour was over we headed to the airport for our flight to Chiang Mai in the north. We got settled at our awesome and cheap hotel room, and man it’s so nice to be back in the land of cheap again! We then headed out to the Chiang Mai famous night market to find food and souvenirs! We closed the place down while Tasia and Angie bargained for all the things they wanted to take home with them! This is when I first noticed I wasn’t feeling well. I felt a little like I was coming down with the flu, I was a little tingly to the touch and felt a minor fever. It probably didn’t help that our room that first night felt like we were sleeping in the middle of the road as every person or car that went by sounded like they were going to run into you. The next day I was so so and we all went to a forest temple together and then a walk along the river, after this I left the girls to go hone and try to sleep off the fever I felt I had. I fell asleep and woke up later that evening to go to the pharmacist where I found out I had a fever of 102! So I got some meds and went back to bed. The next morning when I woke up I was worse this time now with a sore throat as well… And most of us know I’m doomed when it comes to sore throats! So I passed on our trekking excursion to get some sleep. When the girls came home and found my temp was still bad even after the meds from the pharmacy we headed straight to a local clinic around the corner from where we were staying. And yes I most likely have strep, a high fever and giant pustules at the back of my throat and tonsils! This doctor gave me new meds and I took them and crawled back in bed! The whole process at the clinic took about 5 minutes and cost me less than the thermometer I had bought at the pharmacy the night before…. My doctors visit and medicine cost only $5 USD!!

So needless to say I am now in recovery mode and feeling better all the time. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a whole new girl, right now my biggest problem is my glands are swollen so it’s hard to talk. But this morning I decided I was going to head out with the girls. Well this afternoon really. So we rented two motorbikes and headed to the tiger kingdom north of the city. The motorbikes are so fun to ride and the tiger kingdom was pretty cool, you get to see all sized tigers and can pay to touch them if you want. We only went for the big ones and you get to lay on them and everything! We then picked up lunch at a local market and then headed to find an elephant village which happened to be closed but we will probably visit tomorrow! It was a good day but I don’t wanna over do it so the girls are at the night market while I stay in and get to bed early.

So family: no need to worry! I am ok! Just the usual strep thing! But I have medicine and am on the mend! I’m sure I just got sick because we had quite active days and sometimes late nights with early mornings! I just wore my body out!

Tasia and Angie leave tomorrow night! 🙁 were all really sad! It has been great having them here! They got along great with Chelsy too and it will be really sad to have them leave. Were probably going to finish off our last day with cheap pedicures and massages!

The good news though is that we have heard of several friends who are coming to thailand area in the next couple months so that will be fun!

Chelsy and I are staying in Chiang Mai one more night after the girls leave just to be sure I’m completely better before pushing myself to see a new place, but after that it’s off to Chiang rai to more trekking (or the first trek for me) and then over the border to Laos!


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  1. Dad says:

    Love you Summer!!!! Glad your feeling better. Love Dad

  2. September says:

    Hi Summer,
    Get well…. or else!
    We are heading to Rome next week! First time for Ken! Getting excited! Ken showed me the pictures of you sitting on a tiger?!?! Awesome! I miss you too much 🙂 Got a save the date from one of your friends! yeah!
    Have fun! Love, September

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