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bangkok sightseeing

So this morning Chelsy and I got up and decided we should go to the weekend market. It is one of the largest markets in Thailand with over 8,000 stalls! They sell everything. We didn’t buy much or stay too much as it is sooo crazy there, but it is definitely cool to see. We then went to meet up with Chelsy’s friends Jib and Joe. We had an absolutely great day with them! First we went to see what Joe’s house was like and meet his mom. Everyone is so nice and keeps apologizing for not knowing english, when really we should be apologizing for not knowing Thai. It was really cool to see what their house is like, since Joe seems like his family is fairly well off for Thai people. Their houses are so different than our though. But I always love getting a peek into their daily lives or what living is like as this is the stuff you generally don’t see when traveling. We then walked all over the city! We went to a golden mountain, to a metal palace and by the royal palace as well as to the waterfront and river. It was just really nice to have someone explain all kinds of history and what is going on at each place. They explained to us about being a monk in thailand, and even about how you make a wish and then use your pinkie to pick up a very heavy elephant and if you can pick it up your wish will come true. Jib says most people can’t pick up the elephant but today all four of us picked it up…. so I guess that means we are going to have our wishes come true!!

We then got to go to dinner and meet Jib’s mom. The food they always order for us at all these restaurants is so good!! and generally its stuff we cannot get since we don’t understand thai, and also things we may not know to order anyways! Joe and Jib are soo nice and it was great to have them show us around! We are really happy that though we won’t see them for a couple weeks we will be able to return a couple times, especially in April for the Thai New Year…… yes another New Year’s Celebration for us!! Apparently it’s my thing this year….

Now I am just patiently but anxiously awaiting the arrival of Angie and Tasia! They should be landing in their plane soon and then just have to make their way to the hostel! I am soo excited to see them! We have the day to sightsee again in Bangkok with the girls tomorrow and then we are on our way down south to Phuket and all the amazing tropical islands of Thailand!


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  1. Summers dad says:

    Hi Summer, Got your message on the phone. We are in st. Pete beach fl. say hi to all the girls. I’ll pay attention to my phone and hopefully catch your next call. Love you!! dad

  2. Summer says:

    Hey dad….. Got sick! 🙁 but I’m ok I got medicine…. What do you know probably strep…. But I’m in recovery mode right now…. I’ll try calling you next week when I’m better! Love you

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