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November 14, 2005

China from China?

The day that I went surfing with Ray, I was poking around on the beach and found a broken piece of china. It looked fairly old, but I don't know anything about this type stuff. Still, it was interesting to find.

When we were on the Nokogiriyama trip last weekend, we made a quick side trip to the beach, where I found several more pieces of broken ceramic plates and cups.

Seeing that I found the pieces without much effort, I figure I'll keep looking whenever I go down there. Maybe I can make something out of them later on...mosaic table comes to mind, not necessarily something that I could do on my own, but maybe I could find someone who can.

Here's the loot so far...

1. Blue leaves and vines; proabably a piece of a small plate from the looks of it.

2. Shard of some sort of small tea or sake cup. It has a mark on it that almost looks like an Indian chief headdress. I doubt that's what it is, though.

3. Piece of a small teacup with a trace of a red mark on the side, and blue "grass" around the base.

4. Piece of a small plate (?) with a penguin or turtle standing on his hind legs or something. At least that's what it looks like to me.

The bottom of #4

I have no idea if this stuff is old, sort of old, new, or what...but, it's fun to look for it, and you never might be something with a fascinating history behind it. My assumption is that the pieces are probably from shipwrecks, but who knows? I'll keep looking...

Posted by djf on November 14, 2005 03:06 PM
Category: Dave in Japan
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