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San Juan del Sur

I decided to spend a few days in San Juan del Sur to try surfing again, as I had really enjoyed the afternoon when I first tried it in Chile, but haven´t done it again since.  The following day I had my first lesson at Remanse beach, a little way down the coast from where we were staying.  There was a group of 5 of us having the lesson with our instructor Fred from Peru.  Within about 10 minutes everyone else had managed to stand up a few times. Hours later I was still struggling to make much progress.    But despite swallowing several litres of salt water and ending up very bruised I still enjoyed the day.  In the evening I went out with a few people from the lesson and from the hostel and I discovered the common drink in central America, rum.  After we lost count of how many bottles of rum we had, we ended up back at the hostel sometime early in the morning.  So the nextdaywas spent at the beach recovering from both surfing injuries and a hangover.
After a days rest we were ready to try surfing again.  After I had been so bad the first day I decided to have the beginners lesson again.  I have no idea why, but for some reason I found it a lot easier this time and it didn´t take me to long until I was able to stand up fairly regularly.  So we had another really good day surfing.  And despite planning on having an early night to get an early bus the following day, we also ended up repeating the evening before and drinking too much rum again.

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