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September – Top Ten Things I learned…

10. There is really no need for a fork when you eat a T-bone steak in Kenya…just a big knife and your fingers will do!

9. Don’t go out on the streets of Zanzibar from 6:30PM to 8:00 PM during Ramadan – the only people on the streets at that time are tourists and theives.

8. I’m constantly mistaken for a Canadian…eh. For some reason – not many Amercians travel to Africa! I have met very few Amercians here – in fact – only about 4! I’m not sure if people don’t think it’s safe, too expensive, or simply just too far to fly to. From my view though – it’s worth is…so come to Africa!!!

7. Spring in Capetown South Africa is not warm!! I really need warmer clothes here! When the sun goes down it gets chilly. My flip flops and shorts aren’t really working too well!

6. My favorite question to ask people you meet while traveling – “How long have you been out?” I’m not asking about a prison term, or their sexual orientation (yet at times I am curious!) – it’s just an asumption that the people you meet in hostels are traveling for an extended period of time. So – I’ve been ‘out’ for a month now…how time flies!

5. Mastercard is NOT a global card!! Very few ATMS accepted anything with a Mastercard logo on it in Eastern Africa. So – if you ever plan to travel in Africa (or S. America for that matter) – take one of everything. Really – I’m not joking…you need a Visa, Mastercard, Amex, travelors checks, and some US cash. I have used all of them at one time of another this last month becuase I’ve had to! I actually had one place refuse to cash my travelors checks because I didn’t have the receipt with me. I tried to explain that you aren’t supposed to carry the receipt with you – you must keep the receipt and the check separate – that’s that whole point of travelors checks. Needless to say – I got no money from them – I had to go somewhere else!

4. Airline security is different all over the world! Not once while I’ve been traveling in Africa (within different countries in Africa mind you) has anyone asked for a form of identification! I traveled within Kenya, from Kenya to Tanzania, within Tanzania, and from Tanzania to S. Africa – no one asked me for my passport prior to a flight! Not once was I asked to take off my shoes to go through security. And liquids…they could care less!! However – in Tanzania after we had already gone through 2 other security checks – upon the last one to get to our gate – Cyndi had her tweezers taken away from her. I also had tweezers – but I guess mine didn’t look menacing enough!

3. Every political discussion I got into in Eastern Africa started with people asking me if Hilary was going to be president. Everyone seems to think that Hilary is the best candidate…I was a bit stunned as the rest of the world thinks we need a female president…yet I doubt the people in the US are that far advanced in their feminism.

2. There’s no such thing as having too much sunscreen when you are staying near the equator…

1. Airlines outside the US serve food even on a 45 minute flight! We traveled from Nairobi to Mombassa (a 45 minute flight) and recieved a chicken sandwich, pretzels, and a drink of our choice! All of my flights so far in Africa have been like this…they just keep bringing you food and alcohol…now that’s worth $400!!

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  1. Alicia says:

    I love the Africa information. I am wanting to go to Africa but so afraid to go as a woman alone. I will read up on your travels and see your tips on it. I have some acquaintances in South Africa, so that is easy, but I plan on Egypt, Kenya South Africa and one other country there. Keep writing and keep traveling!


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