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auto-bio chapter 1 Choices

 I Did it My Way

Chapter 1

soul leaving body


Prior to entering into the current  the soul has many choices to make as outlined here synopsis follows:

“The soul must consider these three questions to get clear about the kind of life they want to live:

  • Am I ready for a new physical life?
  • What specific lessons do I want to undertake to advance my learning and development?
  • Where should I go, and who shall I be in my next life for the best opportunity to work on my goals?”

These are important to the progression of the soul to the next level, fortunately we aren’t alone during this part of our existence as our spirit guide plus other souls preparing for their transition are around to provide assistance as Edgar Cayce explains here synopsis follows:

“We do choose our parents. Yet it isn’t merely the parents that we select, but the lifestyle, personalities, and experience a particular family offers. This is a selection over which our angels hold particular influence. There may be many sets of parents who are attractive to the incoming entity, and it is only with the angels’ help that the right ones are chosen. Even though we may be completely unhappy with our parents—and at one time or another most of us have felt this way—ours are the correct parents for our soul’s karmic needs.

Angels are able to access the Akashic records and to note an entity’s past deeds, intent and experiences. When it’s the soul’s turn to come into a physical body, a great deal of effort and co-ordination is involved. Should the entity be born to a single mother? Should it be adopted? Should there be two devoted, loving parents?”


As a mature soul entering level 5 the essence of the learning experience for the coming life is co-existence with interdependence, relationships, empathy, intimacy and self awareness being the goals.

Thus after time spent in the ether of the nether world it came to pass that I re-entered life in the hospital at Sweetsburg Que. as the son Stuart and Ruth Hawke.


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