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Goan, Goan, Gone

So clever, this one! Hi all from Mumbai, aka Bombay. Closing in on the last few days of my trip and really can’t believe it’s coming to a close. You may have noticed that I’ve lost a little enthusiasm for the blog here in India – like I said, it’s not because it’s not interesting enough to write about – in fact, it’s too interesting. You’ll just have to talk to me, not e-me, when I get home, if you want the stories. But, I didn’t want to leave you all hanging completely, so I’ll just give you a quick where-I’ve-been entry. Toni and I split in Jaipur, about two weeks ago – she headed home, and I took a 30-hour train ride to Goa, a former Portuguese outpost on the coast. Train ride was fun, sat in a compartment with a friendly Indian family – they all are, really – with lots of questions regarding my age, marital status, job, trip, country etc. They had an adorable 3-year old boy who kept saying “Salute!” and putting his wee little hand to his head. I had to salute, or else. Here in Goa there’s lots of cool architecture and interesting sites – so I’m told. Cause all I’ve done for the last nine days is sit on the beach, roasting like a little sausage.

Here in Mumbai, aka Bombay, it’s much, much better than Delhi, with wide, relatively clean streets, lots of Victorian architecture, and no one hassles you. And I’ve only seen three cows! There were that many taking a crap outside my hotel door in Delhi. Very polluted, smoggy and noisy, but on the whole, enjoyable. I’ve been looking for a dress for this wedding I’m going to, thinking it would be cheaper than getting one in London, and guess what: it’s not. It’s a pricey city. I might go to an airconditioned mall later today and look for one. That way even if I don’t find one, I won’t melt, because boy is it hot. HOT. Like 100 degress with 90% humidity hot. Picture it: 16 million sweating bodies. Note to self: next world tour, include Scandinavia.

Before I got here, as I said, I was lounging on a beach in Goa. I think I set the record for most Sudokus completed by one person in any nine-day period. The beach itself wasn’t spectacular, but the setting was very relaxed, the weather and sunsets were perfect and I got a good tan: mission accomplished. Lots of westerners have established homes there, and come for the entire winter season. Lots of aging hippies and backpackers taking a break from ‘India.’ It was a very refreshing nine days, that’s for sure. And like I said, I’m going to be t-a-n for that wedding.

I leave for London tomorrow – might be an extra in a Bollywood movie for the day before I go! I wonder if they saw me on Millionaire and know I’m already famous in my home country. I should ask for a private dressing room. Okay all, off to face the heat and do yet more Christmas shopping. All for you, readers. Well, some of you. I’ll write one more entry from London, promise. xx


3 responses to “Goan, Goan, Gone”

  1. Quidam says:

    I think you might want to pick up a coat too, Becky. It’s getting down to about 20 degrees (F) here in Madison.

    Fantastic Blog. Found it by accident but spent the next 4 hours reading it cover to cover (the eyes finally gave out at 3:30am.) It was really trippy using Google Earth to track your progress. Loved all the local color shots on Flickr!, too . If the Pastry school thing doesn’t pan out, I think your true calling in life is apparent. Love to sit down with you sometime over tea and do a David Frost interview; I’m sure there’s a lot more that couldn’t be stuffed into this internet shoe box. You pick the place…


  2. Amy Maurer says:

    Thanks for the update, Becky… I know you’re pretty burnt out on posting, but you know I’m always happy when I see a new one. 🙂 ( And yes, I know that probably says more about how exciting my life is now as a stay-at-home-mom than anything else, but you know I’m living vicariously through you!)
    Let us know when you’re back in town so we can have you over for dinner and you can regale us with your tales of high adventure!

  3. brian says:

    travel safe…welcome home…

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