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Waikiki Beach

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Waikiki Beach

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October 18th – Arrival At Hawaii

After a long and crowded flight it felt so good to land. The kids were fidgety and appalled that the only film was on screens in the ceiling – no seat back personal DVD players. What did we do before?? The film was the latest Harry Potter so it was good to see all the props from the Warner Bros tour in action on the screen.

A quick wait for luggage and straight into a taxi and it was time to get that first taste of a new place. I stuck my head out of the window – it was night – hot and so exciting. Hawaii is always a place I have wanted to explore – ever since I can remember and certainly since Magnum. Passing through Honululu we were confronted with a warm breeze, lights, palm trees and high rises. The hotel was in Waikiki which is about 20 mins out from the airport – road names such as LikeLike (lie – kee) Highway and Kaeleania added to the exotic vibe.

I noticed lots of women and old people walking around Waikiki which is good so it hopefully is quite safe. The hotel seems to be right in the middle, near the bus stops, 5 mins walk from the beach and near the shops. O was excited to see they had a Roxy shop as she is still on the lookout for a bag. The hotel has a pool and a kitchen so fingers crossed we should be able to save some money. We dumped our bags and went straight out for a walk – how long till the sun comes up???