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My Travel Resolutions

I think I need to set some long-term goals for myself, because I know I’ll be very unhappy if, at the end of 2018, I look back on the past ten years and I’ve spent it all in one or two places.

For the next ten years….

  • I don’t want to spend more than two consecutive years in one place (I’ll break up the four years of college by studying abroad).
  • I want to spend at least a summer in 5 different countries, and at least a week in 15 countries. (Not counting the United States).
  • I want to visit five continents (I doubt I’ll make it to Antarctica, and I’m leaving a little room in case I don’t make it to Australia, too).
  • I want to be decently skilled in three foreign languages.

Specifically, how am I going to achieve these goals? Well, I’d like to go to college abroad, but I don’t know if that will happen. I’ll definitely study abroad. I want to spend this summer or the next at language school in Guatemala. I want to spend two years in the Peace Corps. I want to teach English somewhere. I want to travel alone for long periods of time whenever I have the money. I’m not clear on all the specifics, but I want to make it happen. And then, maybe in ten years I’ll feel like having a “normal” life…But I kind of doubt it.

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