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Pictures from Cameron Highlands

Backpacker Hotel – this has been the best so far – usually we have stayed in busy ChinaTown type places


We had a “Jungle Bar” connected to the hotel – it was great – no age limit – kids liked that – played pool -etc


Very busy backpacker hotel – neat place – at night we would all sit around the bonfire and trade stories



BOH Tea Plantation Pictures – grown in neat rows – tough to harvest – just cut the tops of the leaves off


This is a tea tree – NOT pruned – its leaves become useless


Notice the dark green is where they have pruned – the light green is ripe for the picking


Strawberry Farms – very orderly and interesting way to grow – works wonders – great strawberries


Also growing lettuce, etc


In America we call it U-Pick – here they call it Self Plucking – Natalie had a laugh over this one – thinking of women and their heigene (spelling?)


Of course while everyone sleeps in late, Tim goes on the search for a golf course.  Better greens this time.  Hard to adjust to Asian “rental” clubs.  Again monkeys playing on the fairways and greens.  Luckily no 6 ft monitor lizards to scare daily light out of you


A specialty of the area – called _______________  (forg0t) – all kinds of sea food – prawns, crab, fish, chicken, bread, noodles, vegetables – you then put them in the pot that contains two kinds of sauces and let them cook – like a fondu.  We’ll need to try this at home. 



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