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Driving away from Tahoe to Seattle

p1040851.JPGp1040826.JPGp1040820.JPGp1040847.JPGThe day before we left Tahoe, Thursday night, we had to drop “Tank” -our retriever/labrador dog off at a colleagues house.  Driving away was sad and that evening due to the strain of work, late nights, lack of sleep, and saying goodbyes, the reality of leaving was actually setting in.  The kids had a hard night.  Friday, leaving day, did not go as planned – school was closed due to the storm – so final goodbyes did not happen at school.  Josh benefitted the most in that he was able to connect with friends and go skiing at Sierra.  Driving away that afternoon was an odd feeling for all.  For Natalie, she really felt she was leaving “home”.  Usually, she always is thinking that pastures are greener somewhere else.  We picked up Josh at Sierra and drove to the Bay Area to see friends.  We left their on Sunday morning for our 16 hr straight drive to Poulsbo (on the Peninsula)- I just always say Seattle but it isn’t.   The drive was going great with respect to time despite driving through snow, wind, and rain over the passes.  We hit Portland and it all went haywire.  The usual drive from Portland to Seattle is 3.5 hrs.  It took us 8 hours due to snow and ice.  Orgon and Washington are not set up for snow like California and Tahoe.  We were on the road for 20 hours straight.  We arrived at Natalies folks house only to be welcomed to a power outage.  We had no heat for 2.5 days.  We all sat around in snow cloths and hats.   Because of all this – Natalie and Josh got colds, Tim’s is beginning, and Annika woke up with fevers today.  Not the best way to finalize all plans.  No matter what – it all “officially” starts on Tuesday Dec30th – flying to Singapore will take 17 hours. 


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