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Say yes to airport layover in San Francisco

 Golden Gate Bridge

 Photo credit San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau

I know it may sound crazy, but an airport layover might not be such a bad thing afterall.  Why not briefly touch on the highlights of a city that you hadn’t necessarily planned on visiting without dropping a dime on a costly hotel room? 

Conde Nast Traveler’s online blog, The Perrin Post, in conjunction with Hotel Chatter and Jaunted, is running an airport layover contest until July 31.  Reader’s must create Conde Nast Traveler contributor Michael Kinsley‘s itinerary when he flys around the world this September.

As I hail from the Bay Area, my recommendation was for Kinsley to visit San Francisco International Airport, take a BART ride to downtown and catch a cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf.  After I had submitted my post, I learned that Kinsley is a “foodie” so I thought he might enjoy a  walking tour of Chinatown with Shirley Fong-Torres of Wok Wiz fame, or he could hook up with GraceAnn Walden of Mangia! North Beach walking tours. 

I hope that Consumer Editor Wendy Perrin is planning to use this reader generated content and publish it in an upcoming Conde Nast Traveler magazine article.  If you would like to read my airport layover suggestion you can click here and scroll down to the fifth post, “Leave your heart and several hours in San Francisco.”

Have you experienced an airport layover that you enjoyed?

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3 responses to “Say yes to airport layover in San Francisco”

  1. I totally agree with the writer. If Kinsley was going to have a layover, he could easily take a BART ride to Downtown (get off on Embarcadero Station) and walk south. South Beach (where I live) is an amazing little area during the Baseball season full of excitement and romance. Take a stroll around the ballpark and take in some of the game through the open fence on McCovey Cove, then walk to MoMo’s during the 7th inning stretch where you can mingle with San Francisco’s finest people. The district itself is a “mini” Marina district in itself. I strongly recommend it.

    Thanks and good luck,

    Ryan Rodriguez

  2. Nancy says:

    Hey Ryan,
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your “local’s perspective” about South Beach. Always good to hear suggestions from people in the neighborhood.

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