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Does the travel industry care about changing climate?


I wrote a post on taking issue with Darren Cronian’s recent comment on his blog, Travel Rants.  Cronian attempts to fan the flames in the travel blog world when he states that “the travel industry doesn’t care about climate change. ”  His comments sparked me into action, as I live in  Northern California, home to multiple raging wildfires at the moment.

I’m sure the England-based writer wasn’t attacking the travel industry in general.  Rather, he wanted to know specifically what different sectors in the industry were doing to address this problem.  You can read my post on Greenopolis here

According to the Greenopolis website, it is the first “green,” interactive, educational website to bring together communities and reward them for making positive environmental changes.  I discovered Greenopolis because they are one of the BlogHer sponsors for the upcoming conference taking place in San Francisco July 18-20, 2008.

Blogher Button

As a sponsor of Blogher they are hosting a “Best Green BlogHer” contest and will be offering  Greenopolis cocktails at Ruby Skye, a San Francisco nightclub on Friday, July 18 when they announce the winner of the contest.  I wonder what’s in a green cocktail?  I think it’s wonderful how BlogHer is really making an effort to be environmentally conscious during its San Francisco conference. 

I think the hotel industry is making an effort to “go green.”  When I check into my hotel I expect to see a note on the dresser mentioning that towels and bedding will not be changed on a daily basis unless requested.  I hope to see CFL’s in all of the light fixtures; preferably in the off position when I enter my hotel room.  Organic cotton sheets would be a nice touch. 

I try to do my part to be a more environmentally aware person on this planet and I hope to be modeling this behavior for my children.  As a travel writer and a global citizen, I’m aware of my carbon footprint and I attempt to tread lightly on the planet. 

Do you consider yourself green?  What are your thoughts on climate change?

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2 responses to “Does the travel industry care about changing climate?”

  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂

    I don’t live in London, I live far up north in Leeds, a city within the beautiful county of Yorkshire.

  2. Joseph Laur says:

    At Greenopolis we are looking to build out “green” travel and ecotourism offerings as well, and welcome anyone who wants to collaborate with us on helping to make vacations and travel simply a source of pleasure and learning about the world, not contributing to the trashing of it. Anyone who wants to contribute can contact us via Thanks for the post and the mention.

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