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Wish Our Wonderland Stay Forever!

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day
I just got back from one of the most beautiful places in China, which is called Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan Province China as I planned. It is a much less well-known national park among foreginers since i didn’t see many there, though it is one of 166 UNESCO World Natural Heritages in the world according to the number on wikipedia, and one of 45 in Asia Pacific. I have to say this is a MUST visit place in China if you want to get out of city to see the natual beauty of China.


Different from the United States, China has a very short history in running and managing national park. But Jiuzhaigou Valley is a well managed and kept place where normal gas-consuming vehicles were banned in the park. To make up the high maintenance cost, visitors have to pay 400RMB (more than $50) / visit (2 days) per person in peak season from March to November. So the cost for a 4-person family per visit is about 10 times of that for a national park in US ($20-$25 admission fee/vehicle). It is the cost for a sustainable travel environment, and it will be justified.

As a Chinese, I am very glad to see such a wonderland is still in a good shape. My simple wish for Blog Action Day 2007 is that this fairy place will stay forever for people from all over the world to visit and share.


My coming & dream travel destination: Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, China

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

I am planning a trip to Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan province, the home to panda.

A quick overview about this place:

Jiuzhaigou Valley (Simplified Chinese: 九寨沟; Traditional Chinese: 九寨溝; Pinyin: Jiǔzhàigōu; lit. “Valley of Nine Villages”; Tibetan: Sicadêgu(gZi rTSa sDe dGu)) is a nature reserve in northern Sichuan province of China. It is known for its many multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. It belongs to the category V (Protected Landscape)in the IUCN system of protected area categorization.

more from wikipedia .

Fairy Pool

Our current itinerary is:

  • D1: fly from Shanghai to Chongqing at night, stay at a hotel [¥128/night, double bed] near the airport. [note: China national day holiday, aks Golden Week, is from Oct. 1 – 7. Our flight is on Oct 5. Chongqing is a less popular travel destination so we can get better price of the tickets. ¥ 600/person b4 tax.]
  • D2: fly from Chongqing to Jiuzhaigou – huanglong airport in the early morning. (first flight at 6:50am, arrive at 7:50 am. So we have a whole day to start with. ¥590/person b4 tax.]
  • D2: visit an acient town called “song pan”松潘 which is about 50 km south from the airport. Join a tour to visit a much less crowded valley called “mou ni gou” 牟尼沟. This place is only accessible by horse.
  • D2: Camp with the tour at the valley or go back to “song pan”松潘.
  • D3: Plan 1,back trip from 牟尼沟 to 松潘 if we stay in Valley for the night. Plan 2: Visit Fariy Pool, which is about 10-20km away from Jiuzhaigou Valley in the morning and go to jiuzhaigou downtown in the afternoon.
  • D3: Stay in jiuzhaigou downtown. Budge hotel rooms are around ¥150-200/night in peak season like Oct.
  • D4. D5: visit Jiuzhaigou. [Note: Usually, the ticket is allowed twice entrance to the park. But during Golden Week, the admission ticket is only allowed ONE time entrance. So we have to wait until Oct. 8.]
  • D6: Take a bus or rent a private car back to Chengdu. Plan to visit “home of panda” wolong 卧龙 on the way.
  • D7: Relax in Chengdu city and go hunt for some great Sichun food. Fly back to Shanghai at night. Ticket will be 50% more expensive!
Here is the best MAP resources i can find on the Web: (sorry, in Chinese only)

Sounds good, hum?  I will updat the other travel tips when we are back.