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In search of a Home Security System

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Recently, we have a closed friend in California who just bought a lovely house in suburban of Los Angeles and we were chatting about the neighborhood security issue. She wanted to find a burglar alarm system for the new home. Since we have the experience of being broken into our car and stolen a car audio system when we lived in Mountain View, California, we understand the concern and needs. So I do some Googling for her as well as for myself to learn more about this area.

My goal is to find a national company that have branch or support in California, and when searching for “home security system”, I got a system call “ADT” which is an award winning home security system and has a broad range of products & services for home or business. Looks good. So I search more using words like  ADT in California and ADT in CA and found a website call  In this site, I learn that one of the benefit of having a home security system is that the home insurance premier can be reduced up to 20%. It sounds like a win-win solution: reduce cost and get protection.

I shared this information with my friend and she also thinks ADT is a pretty good products. They offer:  24-Hour Alarm Monitoring and money-back, theft protection and movers’ security guarantee.  I like the “movers’ security” guarantee especially as we are not adversed to move if work opportunites are good. ADT has a big service network covering the country. I tried “ADT in Florida“, “ADT in FL” and found quite some results as well.

However, this is just my research online and I don’t have any usage experience of such kind of system. Dear readers, would you recommend this brand?