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Breath-taking Photography

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Here, for those who have DSL (forget it if you’re on dial-up, as in that case you’ll be all day waiting for the sites to load), are some links to incredible photography: [read on]

Life, Death, Hate, and Photographs

Monday, March 5th, 2007

An artist friend with whom I hope to work more in the future was here for a weekend rich in talk, plans, ideas, feelings, and even a little work: connection in this moment and possibilities for the future, as well as exploration of some web sites with remarkable work on them (more in a post to come). I attended a memorial service Saturday, a time of letting go and letting grief happen while also paying tribute. In the church were photographs of him, his family, his changes, his work; an oil portrait; one of his sculptures. The group that assembled to mark the passing of a remarkable man was as unconventional and various as he was, himself: his sister, his children and grandchildren, church ladies, bikers, artists, academics, hanging buddies, and his Honduran wife’s daughter and her extraordinarily beautiful family. Also on Saturday I got some virulent hate mail connected with something I had mentioned in the blog, which taught me that there are some people I cannot bring into the blog, no matter how important they are to me (about which more in a moment). And I spent a couple of hours at the Menil, looking at the surrealist collection I know so well, at Robert Rauschenberg’s cardboard creations, and at an amazing photography exhibit. [read on]