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24 hours and counting…

Merry Christmas!

I am down to my last day before I leave for Sydney. I have been trying to upload photos onto a storage website, but cannot figure out how to do it. I can see this is going to be interesting, trying to do this from the road. I followed the seemingly simple instructions, but kept getting error messages. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong and it’s pretty much too late to try and figure it out before I leave. I wanted to upload some older photos I have on my computer to share with everyone but that just might not happen.

I also wanted to share some photos of my ridiculous backpack and stuff I’m bringing with me, I know people are curious about that. I think the people at Osprey who made my pack are big fat liars, because I don’t think that my backpack is 60 liters. I tried to pack light, I really did. I don’t know what happened. So my backpack is chock full, as is my daypack, my purse and another checkin bag that I am bringing with me, which was supposed to only be for presents for a friends family in Australia and some extra old clothes to do some Outback sheep-shearing. But now that bag is kind of full with odds and ends I could fit into my backpack. I’ll have to rearrange when I get to Sydney. I can leave a few things with my friend Denika for a couple of months too so that should help. I might be bringing too many clothes but I really don’t think so. I also have alot of books, 6, but after New Zealand that should lighten considerably. For my first few months, my planned route is:

Sydney Dec. 28- Jan. 3 with Denika my Aussie friend and two of her friends for NYE.
Melbourne Jan. 5-Jan. 11
Fly to Auckland NZ Jan. 11
Fly back to Mel Feb. 24th.
Then I’ll be going to Denika’s family’s sheep station in New South Wales for 2-3 weeks to shear some sheep. Say that three times fast! So I will be able to give her some extra things like medicine and books etc that I won’t take to New Zealand with me.

After the sheep station, travel up to the center of Oz, and then over to the East Coast again. I fly out of Darwin into Singapore on May 13th. After that, nothing is booked, nothing is planned. I can go anywhere and everywhere, or nowhere. The choice is mine.

For those curious, following is my packing and gear list. Keep in mind that things like first aid kit and toiletries are somewhat small and are grouped.

Osprey Waypoint 60 + 10 liter backpack. (The 60 is the main pack, the 10 is the day.) I really like how the pack fits me, but man oh man, is it hard to pack. Very long and lean, and the material is more rigid than I was expecting. I struggled.
Prana Overland Donner bag/purse. Can shorten on one shoulder or make the straps longer for across the chest.

Money belt (Contains tickets, passport, money, travelers checks, credit card, ATM, travel vaccine yellow card, drivers license, emergency contact info, one camera memory stick, Marriott gift cards (thanks guys!)

Digital camera (Sony Cybershot 3.2) USB cord. 1 GB memory stick. 1 512 memory stick. Rechargeable batteries and charger. Adaptors for plugs.
This is my only electronical gadget.

1 pair khaki cotton pants
1 pair black trekking quick dry pants (can also be kind of dressy at night)
(Couldn’t bring myself to buy the zip-off convertibles. So so ugly. The shorts looked fine but the pants. Ew. The one pair that looked decent were see-through.)
1 mid-calf nylon cargo skirt
1 black nylon zip-off convertible skirt
1 tank wrap dress
1 pair trekking shorts

3 T shirts (pink, black, gray “moisture wicking)
1 black tank
1 Smartwool black long-sleeve shirt (very warm and looks nice.)
1 pink “moisture wicking” long sleeve shirt from Patagonia. ( I can already tell I’ll be living in this thing.)
1 light blue UV blocking trekking shirt
1 white long sleeved linen shirt (for sun and bugs in Asia)
1 short sleeved collared shirt

2 bras, 1 sports bra for those bumpy bus rides
10 pairs of under roos
4 pairs wool hiking socks
1 pair long thermal underwear bottoms
1 pair thin shorts to sleep in

1 Tankini (No, not a Tanquery martini! Though that does sound good. A tank-bikini)
1 cardigan hooded fleece
1 waterproof rain jacket by Marmot. Awesome. I tried it out in the shower. Factory sealed seams. New Zealand here I come!
1 sarong
1 crushable hat
Scarf for over head and shoulders

1 pair Vasque hiking boots
1 pair Keen Newport sandals
1 pair flip-flops
1 pair black ballet flats (will ditch after Oz)

Footprint New Zealand (haven’t tried this label before, looked good. I’ll let you know how it is. Also, it just came out in October. Very important)
Rough Guides Australia Again, just came out. Also, am sick of Lonely Planet.
That being said, Lonely Planet Tramping in New Zealand

Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux
In a Sun-Burned Country aka Down Under by Bill Bryson (Thanks Rhys!)
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (nice and long)

Deck of cards
LED headlamp (for those dark hallways during a nighttime bathroom break.)
Combination lock/cable bicycle lock
Clothesline/universal sink plug/small tube of detergent/ shout wipes
Towel (microfiber by Aquis, can’t stomach the travel towels) and washcloth
Silk sleepsheet (very nice Christmas stocking surprise)
Zippered pillowcase
Tiny candle
Extra passport photos
Swiss Army knife
Water bottle/Ceralyte rehydration salts (I’m paranoid)
Alarm clock/watch
Two pairs of glasses/ 1 pair sunglasses/ contacts
Compass (Thanks Joe!)
Sewing kit/rubber bands/safety pins
Post-It notes/ small envelope for brochures/glue stick
Chicago postcards to giveaway
Photos from home *sniff*

In my Eagle Creek sports Toiletry bag (2-1 shampoo/conditioner, soap, face wash, toothbrush/paste/floss, deodorant, contact solution, face lotion with SPF, tiny tube of face mask, hair gel.)

Nail kit (scissors (hate the sound of clippers, blech. file, brush etc. No polish)
Hair stuff (rubber bands, clips, bandana, headband, brush and comb)
razor and refillable cartridges
2 pairs of glasses
OB tampons/liners
Insect repellant/ sunblock/lip balm
Makeup bag (powder foundation, blush, 2 eyeliners, lipstick, lipgloss, tweezers)

First Aid/Medicine bag

Malarone (for malaria)
various antibiotics (Cipro and Zpack)
2 doses of Diflucan
Sonata for sleeping

Aspirin/Advil/Tylenol PM
Birth control pills (man, do those take up alot of room)
Sudafed/Dayquil/Nyquil/cough drops
Dramamine for motion sickness
Immodium AD (self explanatory)
Disposable thermometer sheets (awesome, ask your doc for some)
Anti-itch cream/antibiotic cream
Disposable syringes and needles (again, paranoid)
Tape and gauze

Phew, seems like a lot I know! Well, I still have loads to do. I’ll try and post when I get to Sydney. The paper today said temps was 75 F there. Hopefully it will be warmer than that. But I can’t complain really, sorry Chicagoans!

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4 responses to “24 hours and counting…”

  1. Kohnke says:

    How about my luggage tags?! 🙂

  2. JMB says:

    Good luck on your RTW! I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  3. Suzi says:

    Best of Luck! Just saw your post on LP and followed your link. I am seriously considering doing a RTW trip in 2006 and am doing some research. Have fun!

  4. admin says:

    Suzi, good luck planning your trip, I’ll try and post more about things I didn’t need to bring and stuff like that. Thanks for reading JMB.
    And Lisa, everyone who I showed your luggage tags thought they were such a cute idea!

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