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June 21, 2004

Rock Gods and Baby Elephants.

Our next stop was Dunbulla, a 2000 year old temple carved out from under a single massive rock. Each of the four of so separate temples are full of beautifully carved Buddha's and there is not a square inch...

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June 12, 2004

The Impenetrable Fortress?

We've bunkered down for the night and we should sleep soundly knowing that the combined force of mosquitio nets, industrial strength insect repellant, vegemite sandwiches and tonight's curry will keep the little bloodsuckers at bay. But my head is filled...

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Dental Hygiene

Our mission in Kandy: Fix the car, Sounds easy? Well it was a quest that was destined to fail from the start. There were two main difficulties in getting the car fixed. 1. My lack of mechanical skill. (I once...

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Kandy Kandy Kandy

After a couple of peaceful days in Ella, we were sad to leave and mostly because it meant getting back in the car. Ron was right having a car gave you freedom, the freedom to stop and take photo's, the...

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The War on Arrack

Still filled with the "Safari Buzz" we headed to Ella, one of the most scenic spots in all of Sri Lanka. We had hardly unpacked our bags before we heard the sound of elephants coming into to town for Poson,...

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On Safari....

..... and me without my suit....

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Rally Sri Lanka

After our first experience on the Sri Lankan roads, a white knuckle midnight drive from the airport, all honking and overtaking, no one was more surprised than us when we hired a car. We had a bit of guidance, "avoid...

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A short walk in Colombo...

Once we had accepted that it was impossible to go out without being stared at, we decided to go out and see what Colombo had to offer.... not that much apparently. We went to the Museum first... yep it's a...

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June 11, 2004

Don't mention

He was holding a sign that said "Zach Brady and Emily Canning, AAA Accommodation, Colombo", that was us! Finally, one of our life long dreams had come true (no not the one about the giant hot dog car), being met...

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