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The Cher Hair update

Inquiring minds want to know:
Where am I at 9 days and counting?
(Translation, I have nothing more interesting to write about:)

First, for those of you who seem to be dying to know, the response on the Cher Hair was mixed at first, though now that it has poofed up a bit and people have gotten used to it, the response has been largely positive. The first responses were:

    Me: “So what do you think?”
    Them: “Um, well what do YOU think? That’s what’s important”
    (not reassuring!)

Of course being a part of the Groucho Marx School of Belonging, I had other friends who said it looked fantastic, which immediately means I must discount what they say. My friend AS would say I look fabulous even if I pulled a Britney Spears.

But, I knew it was OK when my uber-fashion-conscious friend JS told me it looked good. He would never tell anyone they looked good unless it was certifiably true! I will say this, in terms of time-committment, it is FABULOUS. It takes 5 minutes to blow dry, if that, and even without drying it it looks neat and straight on its own. It still looks best with a little bit of effort and smoothing/de-frizzing product, but thus far, it really has lived up to the hype. HIGHLY recommend for anyone who wants hassle-free hair.

Now, for the biggest dilemma solved: SHOES! Yes, my shoe dilemma is finally resolved. I was limiting myself by trying to stick with shoes I already owned, and finally broke down and bought a pair of cross-trainers (cross between sneakers and hiking boots).

And check out the description. These shoes have:

    Integrated Flexframe thermoplastic urethane midsole support plate controls flex and provides support and protection from uneven terrain

Other than “and” and “from”, I don’t even know what most of those words mean, so it must be a great shoe!

Of course I buy these with only 2 weeks left so am madly wearing them everywhere to break them in. But, I love them and knew as soon as I put them on they were perfect for the trip. Also good news, I bought last year’s model and got them on sale. Very lucky, as one of the disadvantages of having midget-sized short-people feet is that shoe companies make very few small sizes and usually they are snapped up quickly. So getting shoes both in my size and on sale is always a happy day.

I managed to do one 4.5 mile trek with the full 30′ bag (well, really 24′ bag with the 6′ barbell) AND I did it wearing my brand new shoes, without bursting into tears, so that bodes well. Body was not happy afterwards, but I think it’s getting used to the idea it is going to be sorely abused for the next couple of months.

Lots of people have been getting me gift cards for things for my trip which is awesome (though please stop now, everything has been purchased, returned, and repurchased with the gift cards!), but this weekend I got two really awesome presents for use when I get back: a gift card to In-n-Out Burger under the assumption I’ll not have eaten decently the entire time I’m on my trip, and a HUGE gift certificate to Burke Williams Day Spa. I am sorely tempted to use this now before I go, but know I’ll enjoy it all the more when I get back.

I am not bringing the English cell phone my friend gave me because I weighed my daypack and it was 6 POUNDS full of electronics. WAY too much, so I’m trying to cut back. I also went out and bought a lighter/smaller camera charger than what the camera came with (thanks to a Best Buy giftcard!)

I bought some AmEx Traveler’s checks as a ‘just in case’, as they are really hard to use in Africa (and word to the wise, AAA only uses Visa Traveler’s checks which are not accepted at all in Africa, AmEx is accepted only marginally, so go to a bank, not AAA).

Tomorrow I bring Sammy to his new temporary home. Very sad about this, even though I know he’ll be in great hands :-(. My friend who is watching him is on vacation so he’ll have a few days to get used to the apartment before the family returns and noise/chaos ensues. Poor little poppet!

I now have my clothes, jewelry, and personal papers about half packed and in the storage unit (getting a storage unit was a whole hassle in and of itself, but I guess there’s a reson rocket-scientists don’t work there). Packing and moving — another fun workout for the back! As a fun fact, this “mini move” of stuff into storage is the 21st move I have made in 19 years. It gets way less fun as I get older and my bones get more decrepit.

Left to do:

  • Move Sammy
  • Complete last week at work w/o having an anxiety attack about the work I’m dumping on the poor sods — I mean my good friends and coworkers
  • Finish packing and storage
  • Take stuff to goodwill
  • Permethrin treat my mosquito net
  • Figure out the final money situation (how much to bring, where to carry)
  • Consolidate into one location all the gazillions of travel/hostel recommendations I’ve been gathering on the Internet
  • Clean my pig-sty of an apartment
  • Try not to have a nervous breakdown

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  • 3 responses to “The Cher Hair update”

    1. Todd J. says:

      You must post photos of your hair for friends outside of LA (like myself in NYC). That way we too can skirt the truth about it’s African-readiness.

    2. admin says:

      Sorry Todd, first photos will be posted after there’s something worthwhile to see. More worthwhile than me, anyway. Probably in Tanzania…

    3. Tyson B. says:

      Hey Snark —

      Have a great trip. I’m looking forward to your dispatches.



    4. Chris M says:

      You realize that if you meet someone with a Sonny Bono bowl-cut in your journeys that you absolutely required to have your picture taken with him now, right?

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