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November 22, 2003

Out Damn Park!

OK- Oh my gosh- where to start- the Bootsnall community is amazing! I'm completely overwhelmed by the fantastico people that have come to this party- I've attended most of the airport runs to welcome the out of towners- like myself-...

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Gettin Ready

Hey, the absinthe thing I learned in Prague. The spoon was fine. They seem to drink a lot of it there :) I bought some fabulous spoon and fork earrings this afternoon.....thus re-emphasizing my undying devotion to food. I'm off...

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Cuban Cigars, Blogging, and Tin Shed

Blazdell and Freesia laugh, blog and drink Sean and Leo - notice the clock 2:30 a.m. Court documents the evening as well Blazdell puffs on a Cigar at 4 a.m. on porch with Freesia tryiing to light her stoogie Leo...

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Francesca's Frolicking Thoughts

At the beginning... that's where I'm told to start. At the beginning, I met Sean through some mutual friends. Little did I know that we'd become such great friends, that he'd go on to stand up in my wedding, that...

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November 21, 2003


hehehehe she said a$$...... Ah Che' & Freesia I am "A Broad" and me Likey your Leinie...

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Drinking and Attempting Nikos Tips

We are sitting around and watching all the posts from abroad start to pour in. A few Beers had Court in Contortions Heather, Francesca, and Court sit in the back of the BootBus waiting for Socalgirl Nikos has a great...

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First Out of Towners

Heather and Court from out of town have arrived...we have had a beer or two and travel stories are flying all around. Good vibes. Blazdell arrives in 6 hours. Francesca from Chicago is also here....we are off to the...

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November 16, 2003

BnA Pre-Conference Conference: Bay Area, CA

Blazdell is here in America and yesterday, he got together with a few folks from the Bay Area. Jessica, KDees and Joee met up with Phillip yesterday for a few drinks and chatter, I hear. They sent me the

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Sample Party Post

G'day - this is Chris from BootsnAll at the BootsnAll Australia office with me brother Dave just before the New Zealand-Australia Rugby World Cup Semi-final. As you can see, we (I am in the white tee, me brother in the...

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