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November 22, 2003

packing, sorting, partying


It's about 11:55 pm over here in São paulo, and around 5:55 pm in Portland. SO I figure while I myself should be out drinking you guys at the bootsnall hostel must be getting ready to go to the party.

How's everybody doing?

As to why I am in, it would be quite dorky of me if I had chosen to stay in just to post in the Part Blog... I actually figure I should take care of all the packing and organizing, from which I took a break to get a beer and toast with my computer, Barbarella. I am leaving in 8 days. I just started to feel nervous, I guess it hit me righ now in betwwen the sorting and boxing: I will be working for a year at the other side of the globe! Hello butterflies, hope you have a blast in your little party inside my stomach.

Have fun everybody!

Cheers from Lets

Posted by Lets on November 22, 2003 06:43 PM
Category: Cheers from Abroad
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