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November 22, 2003

Cheers from Antarctica

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Sorry but gettin to Portland from McMurdo Station Antarctica would be a logistical nightmare involving the 109th wing of the NY Air Guard. It is already Saturday afternoon here on Mcmurdo Stupid time. I have no idea what time it is in Portland.

We have sun 24/7 these days and the snow is softening up nicely. I have been poaching all the hills I can find and have unsuccessully been trying to avoid getting busted for violating Raytheon's safety policy (maybe I will be able to make the party after all).

There is a solar eclipse here on Monday. We won't be in the Parth of Totality but I am going to try to get some pictures and post them on my Antarctica Blog.

I am late for work so my travel story is going to have to be brief. The setting is the worst road in southern Africa, The road from Dar to Mtwara, Tanzania. Luci and I took it with the infamous and insane Oran the Israeli in his Land Rover. We managed to cross Rovuma river to Mozambique 12 hrs behind the ferry schedule (not bad for Africa). When we arrived in the still war ravaged town of Mocinboa de Praia we were told to find Willy, who was an English expat who ran the port. He was ecstatic to see westerners and told us there was a full moon party tonight at a place called Pangane.

So after Lunch we pack the truck with beer and a goat and headed down the land mine strewn roads to Pangane an idyllic peninsula on the Qurimba archipelago. Just before heading out onto the most beautiful strip of beach I have ever seen in my life we come across a massive flatbed truck full of lost travellers from the Zambian Solipse party who had made their way to Mozambique. We got stuck there for weeks after the full moon and eventually sailed out on a dhow down the archipelago. I still keep in touch with many of the people I met there. Abridged story but the best I can do for now.

Have a grand time. -Luke

Posted by Luke on November 22, 2003 05:23 PM
Category: Antarctica

this is awsome - we are all here and it bloody feels like antarctica...


Posted by: philip on November 22, 2003 04:23 PM
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